Autumn Budget Summary 2021

28 Oct 2021

With the Speaker of the House of Commons by tradition not presiding over the Budget, the Chancellor might have hoped he would escape a rebuke over the number of important announcements disclosed to the media in advance. That was not


How will the Government’s net zero plan affect the UK tax payer?

22 Oct 2021

The Government have finally revealed its plans to significantly reduce emissions by 2035, with the view of becoming a “zero carbon economy” by 2050.   These plans included the widely reported removal of new petrol or diesel car sales by 2030,


Could cryptocurrency cause a 2008 style crash?

15 Oct 2021

A number of media publications have this week suggested that the growth this year of Bitcoin, and its rival Ethereum, could potentially trigger the markets to freefall as low as the 2008 financial crisis unless the digital currencies are brought


How would you define “Good Money”?

8 Oct 2021

This week has been “Good Money” week which started in 2005 as the previously termed National Ethical Investment Week, prior to the name changing in 2014. You could argue therefore, that the clue to the definition starts in the