At Birchwood, we understand that dealing with the day-to-day matters involved in running a family business can make it difficult to step back and consider longer-term issues, like planning to maximise its value or how best to protect the value of the assets you have built for yourself and your family.

Every entrepreneur has specific issues and objectives for their business and family life. However, whether you wish to build the value of your business with a view to a sale that realises a life-changing capital sum or to pass a profitable enterprise to the next generation, we believe it is crucial to develop a strong, longer-term financial plan to help avoid the difficulties many successful family businesses experience.

Traditional financial advisors or wealth managers tend to speak a language that is alien to people who have built up, or inherited, a family business. This mismatch can lead to important decisions being delayed until it is too late, or costly mistakes being made.

At Birchwood, our approach is to work with business owners to develop a financial strategy that will help them achieve their goals, both for the business and their family, and which will ensure that they retain the benefits of their hard work when they are no longer involved in the business.

A key priority for us is to help you, as a business owner, to grow in competence in making a broad range of major financial decisions designed to benefit you, your children and, potentially, your grandchildren. As part of this, while we can provide highly qualified, experienced advice about pension schemes, investments, or protection policies, we regard these as tools you may wish to use to help achieve your objectives, rather than the objectives themselves.


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