Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance can provide cover for a business against the loss of key members of staff, such as managers, executives or technicians. For some businesses, specialised or highly skilled employees will rank among their most unique and essential assets, therefore, in the event of a sudden or unexpected death or diagnosis of a critical illness, key person cover can help to recoup the costs of recruiting and training replacement staff to match their standard.

Shareholder Protection

Shareholder cover will offer protection for businesses in the event of a sudden or unexpected death of a shareholder or director. Usually, protection will be offered in the case of critical illness too. Without such protection, shares can sometimes be inherited by beneficiaries who have little or no link or experience to the company, should an unexpected death occur.

This type of insurance can also sometimes pay out a lump sum to help recover the costs of replacing lost expertise – or even to help the remaining director’s to make buy-out offers to unlikely beneficiaries.

Relevant Life Insurance

A Relevant Life Insurance plan can protect the lives of a company’s employees. In the event of a sudden or unexpected death or terminal illness diagnosis, a lump sum benefit will be paid to the employee’s family or estate. This type of insurance is also tax-efficient and can offer considerable savings.

All members of our team have a wealth of specialised knowledge and industry-relevant experience. They will offer a friendly and warm welcome to your staff and managers, making the transition to their next role or position as effective and pain-free as possible.

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