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In 1982 Birchwood was established with the sole purpose of providing sound independent financial advice to employees who were being made redundant or retiring. We have worked with outplacement companies and directly with HR departments to provide a fully bespoke and comprehensive service to employees, helping them make the right financial decisions to progress into a new career or possibly achieving retirement goals.

Financial Education in general is now a compulsory subject in schools throughout the UK.  Whilst this is a very positive step for school children, there are generations of adults who lack the knowledge to make effective financial decisions and are now expecting to receive this in their workplace.

With employee wellbeing featuring as such a key element of HR and business strategy, Birchwood designed a series of workshops, under the umbrella brand of Birchwood Financial Management, that offer employees at all levels, an opportunity to become far better educated in the world of finance.

With 62% of employees aged between 45-54 years not knowing how much they’ll have to retire on and one in 5 working Brits with no retirement savings at all, employers need to help staff gain a greater education in how to make their money work.

38% of employees said they’d consider moving to a business that prioritised their financial training and according to a report from the HM Treasury and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), 57% of employees said they want financial advice in the workplace.  Final salary pensions are now a rarity and with the average pension pot standing at £50,000, relying on companies’ auto-enrolment schemes may not provide sufficient income as we’re living longer, with no guarantees that the state pension will offer a future security blanket.

Concerns over money can cause levels of stress and anxiety that can lead to a drop in productivity at work.  Gaining an understanding of pensions, how to use tax allowances to save you money and navigating how to plan for the future can help alleviate some of these financial pressures and limit any impact on individuals’ performance at work.

Your employees are one of the biggest assets in your organisation and those providing financial education will reap the benefits.  The financial wellbeing of your personnel will improve engagement and increase staff appreciation leading ultimately to happier employees. Your benefits package goes a long way to supporting this by attracting the best people for your organisation and then retaining them.

We are happy to coach people through on site group workshops and/or one to one personal consultations and advice.  Either way employees will receive the financial planning help they need based on each company’s requirements.   All members of our team have a wealth of specialist knowledge and industry relevant experience, offering a friendly and warm welcome to your staff and managers.


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