“Feedback from people who have been supported by Birchwood tells us that they find the advice really helpful.”

Right Management can trace its history of helping people coping with significant change back to 1908, when Percy Coutts founded a company specialising in finding opportunities for expatriates returning from overseas.

That company has itself gone through some significant change. In 2002, Coutts Consulting was acquired by Right Management Consultants, which in turn was taken over in 2004 by Philadelphia-based Manpower, a global organisation with 300 offices in 52 countries worldwide. Today, Right Management operates from locations across the UK, supporting and advising 15,000 people leaving the armed forces and around 20,000 individuals exiting other employment each year.

Many of those people benefit from the services of Birchwood Investment Management, with which Right Management, and its predecessor, have been working for a number of years. Nicola Deas, practice leader, career transition, says: “One of the first concerns many people have will be their finances, whether redundancy has been forced on them or whether it gives the opportunity for early retirement.

“Birchwood will come and talk to people on an individual basis or in a group seminar about the issues they need to consider, at a time when they are likely to need to be refocusing their finances.

“Redundancy is a shock, whether it is expected or not, so we need to be responsive, in order to pick people up quickly at the most appropriate time. Part of that process of reassurance is using experts to provide sound guidance – not to tell them what to do, but who will help them to ask sensible questions, to help them make sense of the situation.

“That’s what Birchwood does, while adapting what they say and the language they use to the individual needs of the people involved, who can range from blue collar workers to chief executives and whose financial situations will be very different. Some of these people may have their own independent financial advisers so it is useful for them to check their advice with Birchwood, so see if they are going down the right road.

“Feedback from people who have been supported by Birchwood tells us that they find the advice really helpful. At a time when people are also feeling vulnerable and concerned, and need reassurance, we also know that Birchwood helps people to know they are asking themselves the right questions, which is vital to making decisions in a logical way.”

Please note that Birchwood Investment Management does not have any interest in any particular outplacement company.

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